Open Source Server Provisioning Tools

Stacki is a thoroughly tested open source server provisioning tool you will come to find as indispensable.

Linux server provisioning can be a time-consuming task.  IT professionals have simply taken that fact at face value and worked with it.  But, like all things computer, change is the watch-word.  And this change is one you will learn to embrace.  We're talking about a new open source server provisioning tool that will save you both time at setup, and time and headaches down the road as your Linux cluster server network grows.  Stacki will be there to help you easily expand your network and also help you manage it.  And by help, we mean a dramatic reduction in the time it takes to set up a new node.  You can easily and quickly provision an added node to your network without all the usual headaches and time-intensive setup tasks.  Let Stacki do it for you!  And best of all, Stacki is FREE!  Just click the download link and and it no time you will be saving plenty of time.




We like to joke around by saying things like "Systems Admin folks can finally get home for dinner on time!"  That's because of the way Stacki allows you to quickly and almost effortlessly configure new nodes and get them up and running faster than you can say "What's for dinner!"  And while Stacki is open source, you can rest assured that it's super reliable after having been tested and perfected on thousands of enterprise servers running some of the most complex Linux networks imaginable.

So put away your slide rule and abacus ;—) and get the gem of open source server provisioning tools working for you.  Get Stacki.

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