Big Data Management

The Stacki server provisioning tool is one mighty solution for Big Data Management.

Big data is coming.  In fact, it's taking over.  The requirements of servers to handle gargantuan amounts of data quickly to extract value from it for the organization means IT professionals must be in step with the latest technology in order to handle this "data tsunami".  And they must do so efficiently if they want to stay afloat.  That's where the Stacki Server Provisioning tool comes into play for big data management.

Data is coming in from all sources inlcuding aerial (remote sensing), software logs, cameras, microphones, radio-frequency identification (RFID) readers, and wireless sensor networks to say nothing of simple web forms.  Thus, IT professionals have to maximize on the their time and the Stacki server provisioning tool is one mighty solution that saves times and turns setting up multiple servers into a simple task instead of the huge headache and time consuming effort it otherwise might be.




Defining the term "big data" itself is up for speculation.  "Big" to one organization might be average to another, and what is "big" today may simply be considered "average" tomorrow.  One thing is clear however, and that is that typical servers are just not sufficient to handle such data.  It's been demonstrated that hundreds — even thousands of servers working in tandem must be configured to handle this task, and the Stacki Server Provisioning tool becomes an indispensable asset in big data management cases.

The Stacki Big Data open source server setup tool has been perfected by use in many of the worlds largest data centers and on thousands of servers, so the expected issues with open source software have been ironed out as a result.

As we like to say: For SysAdmins who want more dinners with their families, the Stacki bare metal install tool is the the IT secret that can make that happen!

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