Video Marketing

Video can enhance your marketing message... Or it can clutter up your website.  I can help you steer it in the right direction.

  • Video means your internet advertising can be more compelling.
  • Video means your web promotion efforts will have more impact.
  • With Video, you'll feel your web marketing strategy is in peak form.

...It also means you'll need to spend a lot more money.
   Or will you?

Not necessarily.

I've been doing website video for years — long before there even was a YouTube! My strength is derived from experience which translates to getting the job done swiftly and economically.

Production — My video production services include conceptualizing, story boarding, scripting, shooting, editing, voice-overs, music beds, post production and more... always coming from a marketing perspective. That is, how will this video strategically compliment and enhance my other marketing efforts.

I can include elements from all types of media in your video presentation. Practically any existing file format, print pieces (whether you have the digital data or not...), website files, audio from any source, voice-overs, etc. etc.

I will design your visual presentation from scratch exactly as you want it done. And if you don't know what you want, I can dream something up that you will love. I do it all the time.



Promotional Video — Example #1

Promotional Video — Example #2

Promotional Video — Example #3

Promotional — Video Example #4

Sales Video — Example #5

Promotional Video — Example #6

Music Video — Example #7

Rock Band Promo Video — Example #8

Time Lapse Video — Example #9

When it comes to video production with a vision at any budget, call on dale wozny media.