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For you seafood lovers: Smoked, grilled tuna sounds good, right? The Smoke-N-Hot pellet grill will certainly outdo any other method of adding flavor while achieving perfectly prepared tuna to generate mouth-watering “oohs and aaahhs” from your family or guests. The secret is of course the smoke-infused flavor generated from genuine wood pellets.
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So you get it now that smoking your meat with wood pellets is superior to gas or charcoal. But get THIS: You can use our specially formulated wood pellets in SIX AMAZING FLAVORS to add an extra level of sophistication and flavor to your food.
PACIFIC ALDER: Great for fish and vegetables.
SMOKED HICKORY: Complements Pork and Chicken very well.
NORTHWEST APPLE: Adds additional flavor to any meat.
RANCHERS MESQUITE: This goes great with beef or chicken.
COUNTRY CHERRY: This hardwood adds a sweet flavor.
GOURMET BLEND: Adds sweet flavoring without direct application of high sugar sauces or rubs. I
It’s all right here:

Chicken rubbed with a gourmet rub, then smoked to high heaven with the Smoke-N-Hot pellet grill makes for one great chicken encounter.
Here's the rub recipe:
Here's the chicken recipe:
And here's more about the Smoke-N-Hot pellet grill:
We know you'll certainly enjoy the moist, smokey flavor!

Steak Pizza Took a little bit of left over pizza dough and topped it with:
Spaghetti Sauce
Sundried tomatoes
Feta Cheese
Mozzarella Cheese
A pizza stone was set in the Pro Model Smoke-N-Hot Grill and the grill was set for 500º and allowed to stabilize at that temperature. The pizza was cooked for six minutes [always check the bottom for done-ness] ... and enjoyed by all.
This recipe and more right here:


Low, Slow & Smokey! Last night: smoked turkey breast. Meat probe & grill performed flawlessly. Such a joy! - Rich

Please the vegetable-lovers in your life. Juicy smoked onions, mushrooms carrots. Recipes here:

The electronic grilling controller is a key feature of the Smoke-N-Hot. And guess what? Guests give YOU the credit!

Yummy St. Louis Ribs. Dan's Rib Rub + Smoke-N-Hot smokey flavor profile = food perfection! Many Recipes:
1: SMOKE-N-HOT GRILLS  |  2: Watching Rome Burn  |  3: Do You Buddy  |  4: You Insta-Brand


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