Portfolio Work for Internet Startup

Here are a several marketing strategies I had developed for an Social Commerce Internet startup


Investor Slide Deck Examples

Here are a few investor deck slides.
Aa strength of mine is being able to capture the concept and translate it to a visual for easy and quicker understanding. Very valuable when folks may not read the details but just look at the imagery.


Click an image to see a blowup:

Animated Sales Movie

This is an animated promo movie I created to sell merchants on their social media sales facilitator:

Animated Banner Ad

This is an animated flash ad I did for a government contractor online trade site:

Exploded Info Image

Here is a preliminary proof of a software application for another startup I've worked with. They wanted a visual to convey a "blueprint" concept that overlays and has many functions from one app:


Click the image to see a blowup:

Printed Brochure

Here is a print piece again about the Buddy startup. I've included this to show how I might translate a concept into a printed brochure.:


Click the image to see a blowup:

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